CNERG: Applying Agile methods to health information management workflows to improve productivity

January 31, 2024
A whiteboard showing a plan for a project

Aaron Blair, PMP, School of Business

The Agile framework is a project management and product development approach the focuses on flexibility, collaboration, and customer satisfaction. While Agile's roots are in software development, the framework has gone beyond IT and can be found in a broad range of sectors such as construction, marketing, and finance. While the Agile framework has been shown to increase business performance, there are still challenges that organizations face when implementing Agile practices. One area that can benefit from Agile methods is health information management. Effective health information management is crucial to patient care as it can provide quicker access to patient records, increased protection of those records, and can aid with research. 

To better understand the benefit of implementing Agile methods in health information management, the research team partnered with Halton Health’s information management department. This four-month project used student-led projects to build Agile capabilities in the health information management department at Halton Health. By conducting a work performance study to measure key functions and the length they take, the research team was able to use that data to develop Agile workflows. After implementing workflows and training, the research team conducted a time study to understand if there were improvements made to process outcomes.  

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