Amin Yazdani

Amin Yazdani, PhD, CSP

Executive director, Canadian Institute for Safety, Wellness & Performance

Dr. Amin Yazdani is the executive director of the Canadian Institute for Safety, Wellness & Performance at Conestoga's School of Business. He is also an adjunct assistant professor at McMaster University, the University of Waterloo and Pacific Coast University for Workplace Health Sciences. Dr. Yazdani is a member of the Canadian Standard Association (CSA Group) Occupational Health and Safety Strategic Steering Committee, and a recipient of the 2018 Standards Council of Canada Young Leader Award.

Dr. Yazdani uses a multidisciplinary strategy to develop innovative approaches to prevent workplace injuries and work disability at the organizational level. Dr. Yazdani's research interest centres around standardization of human factor and ergonomics in the design of products and work environments by developing best practices and technical standards. In addition, he has extensive experience in collaborating with small, medium and large organizations to implement organizational-wide approaches to prevent workplace injuries and improve productivity and performance.

In collaboration with industry stakeholders, Dr. Yazdani spearheaded the development of the Canadian Standard for Ergonomic Design for Ambulances and Related Equipment (CSA D500) and Work Disability Management System (CSA Z1011:20). He has also served as a co-chair for the technical committee to develop a Canadian Standard for Career-inclusive and Accommodating Organizations (CSA B701-17) and contributed to the development of several Canadian standards including the standard for Office Ergonomics (CSA Z412-17).

Dr. Yazdani also co-led a multi-stakeholder initiative to develop a new MSD Prevention Guide for Ontario. Currently, he is spearheading several important initiatives and serves as the chair of several standards development technical committees including the development of the following Canadian Standards:

  • Fatigue Risk Management Standard for First Responders (CSA Z1615:2022), and
  • Work Disability Prevention Management System for Paramedics (CSA Z1011.1:2022).


Dr. Yazdani holds a PhD in kinesiology (Work and Health) from the University of Waterloo. He is also a certified safety professional.


See Scholar Google and Research Gate for a full list of publications.

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