Christian Snyder

Christian Snyder

Associate director, Program Development and Delivery

As associate director, Program Development and Delivery, Christian Snyder is responsible for developing new programming and services as well as championing the excellence and evolution of existing programs in the Conestoga Entrepreneurship Collective. He also leads the coaching teams and supports ongoing professional development.  

Christian is from Hamilton, Ontario. He is a serial entrepreneur with businesses ranging from publishing (Pandora Press and Blaurock Press) to art (Gallery King Mackay in Kitchener) to farming (MacSnyder Farms in Formosa). He has also served as chief of staff and advisory board member at In addition to his extensive hands-on experience as a founder and business owner, Christian has worked as a coach, mentor and facilitator across the ecosystem with Scotiabank FactoryU, Greenhouse, Velocity and The Peace Incubator. Christian also uses his experience and expertise to serve the community as a Co-founder of CivTech Waterloo Region and a member of Reception House’s Revenue Diversification Committee. 

Christian studied history and studio fine art at the University of Waterloo. 

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