Use of AI and ML to reduce educational inequities and improve digital learning

April 18, 2022

Hitch Tech Inc., in conjunction with Conestoga College, is committed to tackling educational inequities by designing and building an information system to revolutionize the connection of printed text and digital content supporting the delivery of high‐quality education. The benefits of this system will serve under‐privileged countries, regions, and peoples in its ability to leverage the existing work of educators across the globe, and to bridge language gaps, in order to link specialized regional and ethnic learnings to formal educational curricula.

The system deconstructs existing educational content ‐ defined as curricula, textbooks, and video files accessible across all platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.) ‐ into a molecular unit called an IDEA. These units are cleansed, summarized, vectorized, tagged, and then stored. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is then applied to classify and match up the IDEAs. The overall goal is to easily, and contextually, connect a curated video with a course lesson plan, or a textbook chapter. Our vision for this system is to support educators and publishers in modernizing and digitizing their classroom content, as well as adapting to the needs of individual learners. By making the IDEAs openly available and easy to consume through cloud computing, synchronized with affordable offline delivery mechanisms, this system can radically improve equity in education, enhance applied learning relevance, and boost overall comprehension and quality.

We envision this system supporting learners globally – from emerging markets to developed ones -offering educators the ability to populate lesson plans in an automatic time saving way, while also providing the ability to link and thus preserve cultural context and underserved local languages in the learning process.

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